2024 All Stars

2024 All Star Player Commitment

In order to be eligible and considered for an All Star Team, you must read all the below information and complete the linked registration form below at the bottom of this page by Friday, May 10th for Softball and Friday, May 17th for Baseball. If you have any questions, please contact the VLL Board of Directors here.

Valley Little League is proud to compete in the District 9 All Star Tournament. The VLL All Star rosters are comprised of eligible players who competed in a minimum of 8 games during league play at the AAA, Coast, Majors, Intermediate, Juniors or Senior levels. The All Star experience is an honor for the players.

Please keep in mind that interest does not equal placement. We will carry a roster of 11-12 players, chosen by the team coaches and approved by the Valley LL Board. There will not be tryouts. If we do not have enough players and coaches who meet the criteria we will not form a team at that level.

The main criteria for selection is the ability to commit (see below for expectations) and competitive performance during the season. It is a fantastic experience for the players, and for many, a chance to play tournament style softball or baseball. It is very competitive so while our goal is never to 'win-it-all', we do want to be able to compete and have the girls and boys feel great about representing their home league.

FAQ - How are all star managers selected?
We factor in a few things:
  1. Which coaches will likely have their child make the team? Its always tough when you have a coach but getting their player on the team would be a challenge.
  2. What is their coaching experience?
  3. Does anyone have previous all star coaching experience? Having experience does help with some of the Little League tournament nuances.
  4. Who is able to make the commitment? Typically our all star teams practice 4-5 days a week, attend a warmup tournament, and then at least two games in the district tournament. All star season can last up to 5 weeks beyond the end of the regular season.
  5. How has the coach's regular season team performed, how is the player experience, have we received any feedback from parents.
  6. For assistant coaches, we give all star managers discretion in choosing their assistant coaches, with board oversight.


Time Commitment

I have no scheduled sporting events, vacations, camps, or any other commitments that will interfere with my attendance at All Star practices and/or games. I agree to minimize activities that could drain my energy before practices and games and will be physically and mentally prepared to work with my coaches and teammates. VLL All Star teams may hold daily practices; perhaps twice a day, including on Sundays. Only excused absences are allowed during the All Star period. Valley Little League teams may also participate in one or two preparatory tournaments prior to the District 9 Tournament, which may require additional tournament fees and/or travel expenses for families. Typically, preparatory tournaments occur in Eastern Washington and require overnight stays. Historically, these trips provided for a fantastic bonding experience for VLL All Star players and their families.

We understand that while the chances of VLL All Star teams advancing beyond the District 9 Tournament are limited, we agree to not schedule vacation or other activities that may interfere with our child’s ability to attend practices and/or games during the entire All Star period as noted below (dates/locations subject to change). All Star Tournaments are designed as double elimination format and I understand that our commitment ends when my team loses two games.

District 9 & State All Star Tournaments (start dates, all tournaments take several days to complete)

 League Age      Sport         Districts Start   Districts Location         State Start    State Location
 LA 8-10  Softball  June, 29  Beaver Lake  July, 13  TBD
 LA 9-11  Softball  June, 15  Beaver Lake  July, 1  TBD
 LA 10-12  Softball  June, 20  Big Finn  July, 1  Hartman Park
 Juniors  Softball  June, 20  Big Finn  July, 8  TBD
 LA 8-10  Baseball  June, 22  Torguson  July, 20  TBD
 LA 9-11  Baseball  July, 6  Dodd  July, 20  TBD
 LA 10-12  Baseball  June, 29  Centennial  July, 13  TBD
 Intermediate  Baseball  June, 15  Big Rock  July, 6  TBD
 Juniors  Baseball  June, 22  Les Dow  July, 6  TBD
 Seniors  Baseball  n/a  No Tournament  July, 6  TBD

Playing Time

If selected to represent VLL as an All Star, I understand that I may be asked to play in different positions than I played during the regular season. I understand that there is no minimum playing time but will bat as part of a continuous batting order. Meaning everyone is in the batter order, but there is no guaranteed playing time in the field.  Playing time in the field and batting order position will be determined by the coaching staff.

Mandatory Team Meeting

If selected to represent VLL as an All Star, we shall attend the Mandatory Team Meeting on/around June 1st, 2022 (date/time/location subject to change). During this meeting, I shall bring the following documents:

  1. Original certified birth certificate to show proof of age
  2. School Enrollment Form - Print, fill out by both parent/legal guardian and enrolled Riverview school
    1. If the player was enrolled in Riverview school district after October 1 2022 OR is not enrolled at Riverview you will need to provide proof of residency as outlined here https://www.littleleague.org/downloads/residency-checklist/
  3. Medical Release Form - Print, fill out and sign by parent or legal guardian.

Team Uniform

If selected to represent VLL as an All Star, I will be provided a team hat, uniform jersey, helmet, pants, belt and socks (all permanently owned by player) and some swag. Players may be responsible for the remainder of their own equipment and additional uniform pieces (sunglasses, cleats, mitts). Additional VLL All Star clothing may be available for purchase throughout the All Star period. I understand, that while wearing the uniform, my actions and behavior represent VLL, my family, and myself.

For sizing chart see: CHAMPRO Sports Sizing Guides


If selected, a registration fee of $250 will be required. These funds are used to pay for uniforms and All Star tournament fees.  The registration fee must be paid prior to receiving team uniforms.


If selected to represent VLL as an All Star, I will support my team by playing my best at all times and maintain a positive and respectful attitude towards my teammates. I will respect the coaches, umpires, fans, and opposing teams at all times. I understand that collectively we will strive to represent VLL in the best way through our personal behavior and team effort.


I have read and understand the All Star commitment information and I wish to be considered for one of the VLL All Star Tournament Teams. Please fill out one of the following forms to complete All Star commitment registration:


Baseball - All Star Commitment Registration Form   |   Softball - All Star Commitment Registration Form