Required Equipment

We recommend the following gear for your baseball/softball player this season.


BATTING HELMET: due to COVID, we recommend all players bring their own helmets if possible. Helmet face guards are optional for baseball players. If you do not have a helmet the league will provide one for you to use at practices and games.

GLOVE: all players should bring their own glove/mitt.

  • Ages 4-8: A used or hand-me-down glove works well for this age. The price point isn’t a concern during this time.
  • Ages 9+: We recommend moving away from the vinyl/plastic gloves toward leather or higher quality synthetics. Used leather gloves are great, are already broken in, and will go a long way with some glove oil. Prices for quality new gloves range from $50 to $200+. If you choose to go that route, make sure you get the right size so it will last through your player’s little league career.

CATCHER'S GLOVE & GEAR: Through Triple-A, we recommend using team-provided catcher’s gloves and gear as there will be many kids trying out the position. At Coast divisions and beyond, some players will start to specialize as a catcher. At that point, it’s up to your family to decide if you’d like to buy your player their own catcher’s glove and or gear.


  • Mickeys and Single-A division players (age 4-6) can play with tennis shoes if they choose.
  • Double-A and higher division players (age 7+) we recommend molded plastic cleats as kids start to get faster and stronger.

BATS: all teams will be provided a few bats to use during practice and games. Your player is welcome to use them or bring their own. If you decide to purchase your own bat, make sure it is meets Little League rules.

BOYS: players will be required to wear an athletic supporter (including cup).

UNIFORMS: your coach will supply each player with a team shirt and hat. Additionally, you will be required to supply pants, socks, and a belt in your team’s coordinated colors. Your coach will notify you of the chosen colors before games begin.

OPTIONAL GEAR:  Rain will occur during our early spring practices, a light jacket or wind breaker is helpful during those periods. Gear bags can be helpful if bringing multiple pieces of gear (mitt, batting cloves, helmet, bat).