Frequently Asked Questions

What gear do I need to provide, what does the league provide?

See our required equipment page for all gear information.


What size uniform top should I select as part of registration (upper divisions players only)?

For upper division players we order Champro Sports uniform tops - the size chart can be found here: https://shop.champrosports.com/marketingtools/sizingguides.html

Lower division teams get a batch of uniform tops that are designed for that specific age group.


How are teams formed?

For all divisions we form teams from scratch each year.

AA and lower - We build teams based on 1) buddy request 2) players from the same schools and 3) try to balance 5-6, 7-8 year-olds to keep teams as balanced as possible. Note: There are times when we cannot always honor buddy requests, usually this happens when there are conflicts like Player A request Player B but Player B request Players C & D and/or the team is full.  To improve the likelihood that you are matched with your buddy have them both request each other.

AAA and above - We build teams through draft for each division. Starting with Majors, all league age 12 players will be drafted onto a Majors team.  Players under 12 will be drafted into Majors based on number of teams, roster size, and skill-level.  Players not drafted in Majors will be available in Coast draft. All remaining league age 11 players will be drafted onto a Coast team.  Players under 11 will be drafted onto Coast teams based on number of teams, roster size, and skill-level.  All remaining league age 10 and 9 players will be drafted onto AAA teams, plus any league age 8 players based on number of teams, roster size, and skill-level. Any remaining league age 8 players not drafted onto AAA teams will be placed on AA teams.  Players must attend player evaluations (see calendar for dates) in order to be eligible for the draft.  Players not attending player evaluations will be placed on teams by the board.


Can I play with my friends?

Yes! If you play in AA, A or Mickey's divisions you can specify buddy request (up to 3) as part of your registration. If you forget to add buddy request during registration please contact us with your buddy request. We try our best to honor all buddy requests when we form teams.  AAA or above are draft based divisions and buddy request are not used.


What fields do we practice and play at?

AA and lower divisions practices and plays games at our local elementary schools (Stillwater, Cherry Valley & Carnation).  AAA and above please see our full list of fields.


How many practice and games will there be?

  • Mickeys division have ≈6 practices (2x a week) followed ≈8 games.
  • A & AA divisions will have ≈8 practices (2x a week) followed by ≈10 games.
  • AAA will have ≈8 practices (2x a week) followed by ≈12 games.
  • Coast will have ≈8 practices (2x a week) followed by ≈16 games.
  • Majors will have ≈8 practices (2x a week) followed by ≈16 games.


When will I be assigned to a team? When do practices and games start?

AAA and above player evaluations are held in early February. Teams are formed and practices start in late February.  AA and below are formed by mid March followed by practices a week or two later. View full schedule for more details.


How can I volunteer?  What roles are available to volunteer?

Visit our volunteering page to learn more on how to volunteer.


My child is new to baseball/softball or is very inexperienced, can they play down a division?

We strongly recommend players to play in the specified division based on their league age as defined for baseball and softball.  However, our #1 goal is for all players to have fun and learn baseball/softball in a safe environment.  If parents feel is it best to play down a division please contact us to discuss.


What are the rules for my division?

Visit our Coach's Corner for a list of rules for each division.