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 Division   Rules
 Mickeys, A & AA  2023-Mickeys-A-AA-Baseball-Rules
 AAA  2022-VLL-AAA-BB-Rules *see amendments below
 Coast  BB-ELL-RNLL-Valley-Interlock Rules 2022.v1.0 *see amendments below
 Majors  BB-ELL-RNLL-Valley-Interlock Rules 2022.v1.0


 Division   Rules
 A & AA  TBD
 AAA  AAA Softball Interlock Rules and Coaches Info 
 Coast  TBD
 Majors  TBD

2023 AAA Baseball & Softball Local Rule Amendments

These rules override the interlock rules for AAA when both teams are from Valley Little League.

Walks in AAA:

  1. Players will not walk after 4 balls in an at bat. After the 4th ball the batting team's coach will come in at the same count after the walk to complete the at bat. For example, if the batter was at 3-2 when the 4th ball occurs, the coach comes in with a 3-2 count. The player will either strike out or put the ball in play to complete the at bat.
  2. On the 4th walk of an inning, so cumulative 4 walks, doesn’t need to be 4 in a row, the batting team’s coach will come in and pitch the remainder of the inning.
  1. After 3 walks in an inning, a batter hit bit pitch is treated as if the batter was walked, and the coach will come in an pitch to the batter if they are able to hit.

Stealing in AAA:

  1. Base runners can steal on any pitch, they are not restricted to past balls.
  2. No baserunner can steal home
  3. Baserunners that steal may not take an extra base after a wild throw.

Wild throws in AAA:

  1. Runners can attempt one extra base after an initial wild throw. For example a runner makes it to second after a wild throw to first. If the defense makes another wild throw to second the runner should remain at second.
  2. Baserunners that steal a base are not allowed to advance on a wild throw.
  3. No baserunner can take an extra base if it would advance the runner to home.

Pool Players in AAA

  1. Must bat last in the batting order
  2. Cannot pitch in the game

2023 Coast Baseball Local Rule Amendments

These rules override the interlock rules for Coast when both teams are from Valley Little League.

Max run limit

  1. 5 run limit per team, per inning unless it's the last inning.  Coaches may agree on last inning (due to time, weather, darkness) prior to the 6th inning. Must be agreed before first pitch of last inning.

No Delayed Stealing

  1. No delayed stealing - runner may not advance a base when catcher is throwing the ball back to the pitcher unless there is an error on the return throw. Once the pitcher is in possession of the ball (even if not on the mound/rubber) runners may not advance.

Pitching Minimum

  1. Pitching minimum - All players shall pitch to a minimum of 5 batters during regular season game(s) (unless they have officially opted out of pitching). Each player must be asked if they want to pitch this season.  If they say no, then they are not required to meet the pitching minimum. 

No Sign Stealing & Relaying

  1. We will adopt Rule 9.01(d) - Sign stealing and relaying not allowed.

Pool Players

  1. Pool Players - must bat in the bottom of the order, cannot pitch and must play in the outfield the entire game.


2023 Coast & AAA Baseball Tournament Rules & Brackets

AAA Bracket

Coast Bracket

  1. All AAA & Coast rules (with local rule and pool player rules amendments) still apply
  2. Time limits
    1. Is another game scheduled after yours?
      1. Yes - No new inning after 1:45, no new pitch after 2:00.
      2. No - No new inning after 2:00, no new pitch after 2:15.
      3. If inning isn't complete when hitting time limit (or darkness), revert to the previous inning's score.
  3. Score Rules
    1. If game ends in a tie, go back to the last inning a team had a lead, they are declared winner.
    2. If game still ends in a tie, then result will be determined by coin flip (home team/higher seed specifies side of coin).
  4. Pool Player Rules
    1. Pool players can only play when game lineup drops below 9 players.  You may bring a pool player as insurance against injury but they can't enter the game as long as you have 9 of your players in the game.
    2. Pool players need to be approved by the board, please email info <at> to request pool player.  The board will attempt to make sure the pool player is somewhat at par with the skill level of the player they're subbing for.