Valley Little League is run 100% by volunteers. We expect all parents to volunteer during the season in some capacity. Below is a list of all available volunteer positions. All volunteer positions require a background check.


NOTE: Reminder if you work for a company that does corporate matching (i.e. Microsoft) you can log your hours volunteered and getting them matched.  See here for more information.



Team volunteers are needed only during the season (Feb-June).

Head Coach / Team Manager

This role is most often done by one person, but can be split into two roles if needed.


The team manager is the primary point of contact for the team, coordinates all team activities, and ensures that parents follow VLL policies and the rules of the game.  The manager makes sure information is shared with parents via TeamSnap, receives information from the VLL board and generally ensures the needs of the team are met.  The manager may or may not also be the team's head coach.  The manager does NOT necessarily need to have baseball knowledge but should be organized and communicative. The manager role typically requires 1-2 hours per week.

Head Coach

The head coach coordinates the educational activities of the team (practices and games) and is responsible for ensuring that players follow VLL policies and the rules of the game.  The head coach typically handles "on-field" activities such as line-ups for games, plans for practices, and working with the coaches and parent volunteers during games/practices to ensure stations are filled, kids are moving, equipment is at each game, etc. The head coach should attend all/most games and practices. The head coach should (but not required) have baseball knowledge including being able to coach others (kids and adults). We have sample practice plans that will help if you haven't coached before. The head coach role typically requires 3-4 hours per week for Mickeys to AAA with 2 practices or games a week.  For Coast and above it is typically 6-8 hours per week with 3 practices or games a week.


Assistant Coach

The assistant coach helps the head coach with drills during practice and coaching during games. The assistant coach role typically requires 3-4 hours a week for Mickeys to AAA to assist during practices and games (2x a week).  For Coast and above typically 6 hours per week.


Note: In AAA and above, only 1 assistant coach can be assigned to a team prior to the draft. All other assistant coaches must be drafted onto the team.


Team Parent

Team parent typically coordinates snack schedule for games and any other team morale activities. The team parent role typically requires 1-2 hours per season.


Field Preparation

Fields crew will prepare the field before games.  This includes raking the infield (at least home plate and around bases) and lining the base paths. Please arrive 45-60 minutes before the game to begin field preparation. Home team is required to due field prep for games. Field preparation takes 30-60 per game depending of field conditions. We only need to do prep on Big Rock #3 and the elementary schools.



AAA only.  Visiting team is to provide umpire(s) for the game.  A minimum of 1 umpire must be provided to call balls/strike and outs.  You can have up-to 4 umpires per game.



AAA & above only.  Each team must have a scorekeeper for each game.  For 2023 season we will use GameChanger as our scorebook (free to use). We will provide training material on how to keep score with GameChanger. Home team is the official scorekeeper for the game.


Spring Jamboree / Events

We will need volunteers to man game and activity booths during the jamboree.


Concession Stand Operator

We have a concessions stand at Big Rock Sports Park.  We may plan to have concession hours some times during the week and weekends.  Those that volunteer for this role will be needed to operate the concessions stands during the season.



Board volunteers are typically full year positions. During the offseason the time commitment is less.

Full list and description of board volunteer roles