Player Evaluations


Player evaluations are used to estimate each players skill level to better form balanced teams during the draft.

All registered upper division (age 9+, age 8 if playing AAA) softball and baseball players are required to attend player evaluations. If a player cannot attend player evaluations, they are unable to be drafted. The board will decide the player's team after the the team draft has occurred.



Saturday, January 27th - registration  coming soon.
Saturday, February 2nd - registration coming soon.


Big Rock Ball Fields
28430 NE Big Rock Road
Duvall, WA 98019



Each player will through a number of exercises to evaluate their skill.  These include:

  • Safety Check - can a player defend themselves if ball comes right at them.
  • Fielding - player will attempt to field ground balls and make throws to 1st base
  • Pitching - player will attempt pitching to estimate throwing speed and accuracy
  • Running - player will be timed on base path in different situations
  • Hitting - player will be evaluated on their hitting ability