Coaches Mandatory Training

Mandatory Training

There are two mandatory training classes all coaches must complete prior to practices.  We track training via USA Baseball (even for softball coaches).  Here are the steps.


  1. Create an account at
  2. When you register be sure to join Valley LL in the Little League - Local Leagues section. You do not need to join an organization.

  3. Make sure you complete the registration.
  4. After you've registered, make sure you're signed in and then go to the training library and look for the courses listed below. This should take about 15 minutes each.
    1. Training Library Link:
    2. Courses to complete:
      1. Abuse Awareness for Adults
      2. Basic First Aid
  5. The USA Baseball site should track your completion, however, just in case it doesn't, at the end of each course it should give you a certificate. Take a screenshot or save that as a PDF just in case we come calling asking why you haven't completed your training.